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Managing board

Aad Verduijn and Wilma Verkade form the board of Westland HortiTours, part of Westland Toerisme.

Aad Verduijn
“I have over 40 years of experience in the horticultural technology. I know the entrepreneurs in this dynamic sector and the technical innovation in this sector fascinates me enormously. It is always a quest to know how to culture better, faster, healthier, more economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I lead my guests around with great enthusiasm and let them discover the innovative world of the Westland”.

Wilma Verkade
“As the daughter of a breeder I have developed a lot of love for horticulture ever since I was young. With Westland HortiTours I like to promote this dynamic region. With much pleasure I take care of the planning and organisation of the guided tours. I am your contact person”.

Westland HortiTours is part of Westland Toerisme


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