Professional guided tours in Dutch horticulture

Westland Horti Tours organizes interesting guided business tours in Dutch horticulture for your customers, colleagues or visitors. We work with experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides. We know the companies very well and tell you all about the recent innovations and latest developments in Dutch greenhouse horticulture. You will get a unique and impressive look behind the scenes and under the screens!

Custom made guided tours

Westland Horti Tours arranges custom made guided tours. We can provide tours completely adapted to your wishes and those of your guests. Do you want to visit specialised companies or horticultural suppliers, please let us know and we will arrange a custom made program.

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Greenhouses in “the Westland” area


Westland Horti Tours visits well known horticultural companies and horticultural suppliers. We arrange one single tour or custom made guided tour, that fully meets your wishes and interests. Our professional guides have years of experience in the horticultural industry and share their passion and knowledge with you. The tours are also in Dutch, German, French and Spanish, depending on the availability of the guide.


Possibilities to compose your own guided tour

• One or multiple company visits

• Individual or group tour

• Sectors: flowers, potted plants and/or vegetables

• Fields of interest: climate, transport systems, screen installation, irrigation, misting, greenhouse construction, biological pest control, breeding, etcetera

• Own or rented transport

• Morning, afternoon or full day

• Languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish



• Catering

• Meeting facilities

• Attractions/sights



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Aad Verduijn for the column Made in Westland
AD Haagsche Courant Westland
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Booking info

Booking conditions

Here you can find the booking conditions.

Safety letter

For your safety and that of the company, we ask you to inform your participants about our safety letter before participating in a guided tour of Westland Horti Tours. Here you can find the safety letter. Participating in the guided tours of Westland Horti Tours is entirely at your own risk. Westland Horti Tours cannot be held liable.


Rate per guided tour

Start rate guided tour € 225,-


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Included: wages tour guide, administration costs

Excluded: VAT, visitors fee, transportation


Rate for cusom made tours

For custom made programs we charge a rate of € 100,- per hour.

Included: wages tour guide, administration costs

Excluded: VAT, visitors fee, transportation.



  • Monday till Friday
  • From 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM
  • Duration of guided tour about 1,5/2 hrs


Group size

  • Group size per guide: 1 to 20 persons


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Westland Horti Tours goes international

Aad Verduijn has made his French TV debut. A short educational tour at Leen Middelburg Chrysanten.

Franse TV debuut

Tour primary school students

The kids found it fascinating. All that color they saw at Leen Middelburg Chrysanten. Let’s hope that some of them have become so enthusiastic that they later choose to work in the dynamic world of horticulture.

World Horti Center

We provide many guided tours in the World Horti Center. This time two groups from Korea.

Tour at SV.CO

Here is the photo of a group of enthusiastic Koreans that we were allowed to show around at SV.CO.

Tour Priva 

We also provide guided tours at suppliers in the horticultural sector. This time a tour at the beautiful company of Priva.

French students visiting

An enthusiastic group of French students were given a tour of Fransen Roses in De Lier. They enjoyed the beautiful roses (including Red Naomi) and the information from guide Aad and translator Marion.

Radio report

NPO radio 1 visiting Leen Middelburg Chrysanten.

On the picture from left to right: Aad Verduijn (WHT), Mai Verbij (radio 1) and Sander Middelburg (LMC).

Guided Tour and a little drive

A few managers of Florensis went on a little tour through the Westland and at the end of the afternoon they get a tour at Leen Middelburg Chrysanten.

Online tour to 40 Korean teachers

At the request of Agriconsulting Grow, Aad Verduijn gave an online tour at Leen Middelburg Chrysanten. 40 Korean teachers watched. It was an interesting morning. More online tours are planned later in the year.

Informative tour about the different water systems

We received this enthusiastic email below from the two students of ArtEZ University of the Arts. 

“Aad Verduijn gave us a clear tour of the greenhouses in Westland. We came to him with a clear question: how is water managed in greenhouse horticulture? Aad told us about the different water systems, which he demonstrated at each greenhouse. He put us in touch with various growers, to whom we could ask many questions. A fantastic day! We learned a lot about water use in the greenhouse!”

Mayar Bouke Arends

The Mayar of the Gemeente Westland Bouke accompanied us on a working visit to the three disciplines of greenhouses horticulture: Vegetables, potted plants and flowers.

3-days program 

For the investment company Watanabe Green Division from Japan we made a special 3-days program.

Visitors of the Gemeente Westland

For the Gemeente Westland we arranged several guided tours for visitors from Japan at Lans, Greenpack and Tomatoworld.

Visit teachers Cyprus

For the Organization PEM GmbH from Germany we organized guided tours for a group of teachers from Cyprus at Lentiz school Naaldwijk, Lans tomatoes and the Demokwekerij.

Visit IVA-MICE Ukrain

For the Organization IVA-MICE, we arrange a daytour for a couple into the Dutch horticulture.

‘On behalf of our clients and our company I would like to thank you and your colleagues for organizing a wonderful business-tour to the companies in Westland specializing on Greenhouse Horticulture! According to our clients’feedback, they are impressed and excited with the tour and information they obtained. I appreciate very much your help, care and reliability and look forward to cooperation on the future projects!’ Inna Kosoriga

Visit N-Agro Nepal

At the request of Wageningen University and Research Centre, we have make it possible that the Executive Board of N-Agro from Nepal has a conversation with Global Green Team and shown them around at Green pack.

‘I would like to thank you for the very successful visit to Global Green Team, and Green pack. The N-Agro from Nepal were particularly impressed by Global Green Team and Green pack, both in terms of the way in which marketing, products are made and the organisation. Very educational! At the post-performance discussions gave it much material for discussion and revealed how meaningful this visit for the group. Eventually it went to visit the owners/managers of N-Agro which together decide on the future of their business and this kind of visits help very much.’
Martien Beek

Visit Certhon

We have customers from Russia of the company Certhon shown around at Tomatoworld, Lans and Green pack.

Visit Ludvig Svensson B.V. Climate Screens

At the request of LSvensson from Hellevoetsluis we take two colleagues from the United States into the Dutch greenhouse horticulture. They have a daytour at Royal FloraHolland, Lans, SVco, Ter Laak and LMC (Zentoo). And they have a visit to the windmills at Maasland.

‘I don’t think I can actually express my thanks to you for today. I learned SO MUCH I’m very greatful. Your kind patience and openness was beyond my expectations for today.’ James Gomm

Visit Gadot Israel

For the Gadot Group company from Isreal we shown Mr. Shlomo Glidai and Mr.Guy Atzmon a daytour at Royal FloraHolland, Lans, Greenpack, LMC and Solisplant.

Visit Minister of Agriculture from Azerbaijan to the Westland

Minister of Agriculture in Azerbaijan, Heydar Asadov, and his delegation visited the Westland. Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Holland, Westland Horti Tours arranged a special guided day-tour guided by Aad Verduijn. In the morning the delegation had a tour at Certhon Greenhouse solutions and after that the group payed a visit to Greenpack, Europe’s largest packaging and distribution centre of vegetables. They also payed a visit to Lans, nursery of tomatoes in Maasdijk. Lunch was eaten at Unicum Waterweg with a view of the harbours of Rotterdam and Nieuwe Waterweg. In the afternoon the delegation left for a tour at Priva, explaining sustainable climate control. In addition they visited Rijk Zwaan for an explanation of seed breeding. Furthermore the delegation visited WUR Plant research in Bleiswijk and Delphy, a practice centre with training facilities.


Westland Horti Tours promotes Dutch horticulture and horticultural suppliers with these guided tours.

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Your guide

Aad Verduijn

“I have over 40 years of experience in horticultural technology. I know the entrepreneurs in this dynamic sector and the technical innovation in this sector fascinates me enormously. It is always a quest how to culture better, faster, healthier, more economical, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I lead my guests around with great enthusiasm and let them discover the innovative world of the Westland”.


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