Westland Horti Tours visits well known horticultural companies and horticultural suppliers. We arrange one single tour or custom made guided tour, that fully meets your wishes and interests. Our professional guides have years of experience in the horticultural industry and share their passion and knowledge with you. The tours are also in Dutch, German, French and Spanish, depending on the availability of the guide.


Possibilities to compose your own guided tour

• One or multiple company visits

• Individual or group tour

• Sectors: flowers, potted plants and/or vegetables

• Fields of interest: climate, transport systems, screen installation, irrigation, misting, greenhouse construction, biological pest control, breeding, etcetera

• Own or rented transport

• Morning, afternoon or full day

• Languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish



• Catering

• Meeting facilities

• Hotel

• Recreational activities

• Attractions/sights



Click here for a quotation for a (custom made) guided tour (free of obligation)